Thursday, December 16, 2010

Card or Coal?

Where's WOTAN??
Yuletide greetings my fairy friends, both near and far!  Last week I decided to snail mail some holiday postcards.  Sending Christmas cards filled with magic is one of my favorite things to do every year.

Of course, anytime I decide on a project or fun adventure, that pesky barbarian WOTAN is always around to try to pluck the wings off my fun.
Writing Fairy Postcards

This time I was prepared! I looked high and low, left and right, before beginning.  WOTAN was nowhere to be found, so I sat down with my long list and boy-howdy was it looooooong!

I collected all the names of every sparkling friend out there that needed a card mailed to them: Abigail, Reianna, Dominic, Nicholas, Mia Loriette, Genevieve, Gwen, Brianna, Katie, Connor, Abbie, Megan, Lili, Skylar, Logan, Salud, Niko, Nora, Aiden, Malia, Renee, Hannah, Ella, Serena, Sierra and Mikayla - That's an impressive list!

Off to the Pixie Post!
Donning my frothy princess pink feather quill, I went to work.  One by one all the cards were filled out.  Each one was carefully decorated, stamped and ready for the Pixie Post Office (as you can imagine, things get a little crazy with a horde of frantic pixies trying to sort through all that faerie mail!)

Fortunately I wasn't interrupted at all as I filled out all the postcards for my friends.  Lavendina the Dragon helped me get them all into the mailbox without a single WOTAN sighting.

Card or Coal for WOTAN?
In fact, I was beginning to wonder...what should I send to WOTAN?  He spent all year terrorizing myself and my faerie court!  He tried to smash me at Norwescon.  Then he used a magical bear to defeat my champion then sold me to some pirates at Midsummer Faire.  After that at Orycon he left me cockroaches and a rat!

Of course...he did sneak a kiss on my cheek at Midsummer and he did write me a love note at Orycon (even though he denies everything)...

What do you think? Should I send a Yule Card to WOTAN?  Or should I instead send him a Christmas Coal?

I need your help to decide!  Cast your vote for Card or Coal on the upper right and next week I'll send him one......or the other :)


  1. Fun post and photographs! I sadly did not get to send any cards this year, but have grand plans for next year. Perhaps we can add each other to our lists?

    -:¦:- Merry Christmas! -:¦:-

    Btw, I just started a Winter Blog Hop to celebrate this blogging season and hope you'll participate again!

  2. A card definitely!