Friday, August 20, 2010

Deals Between Goblin King & Fairy Queen

Wotan the Barbarian was on the rampage around Midsummer Faire and it was going to require extra measures to subdue him. 
Gnerkgzorp the Goblin King

It was time to cut a deal with Gnerkgzorp, the Goblin King.  Now, Elves and Goblins don't always get along, kind of like brothers and sisters.  When the sun goes down however, they're all still Fae-folk so sometimes they work together...

...and so Gnerkgzorp the Goblin King said to Amethina the Fairy Queen, "If you help with my Goblin Parade, and make a loud ruckus noise, I'll cast a spell on Wotan to make him do our bidding."

Yelling and whooping isn't very dignified, but the agreement was struck and the Goblin Parade ensued.  Elflings and sprites, goblins, gnomes, and fae of all kinds both light and dark marched all through the fair.  

Horns were blaring, rattles shaking, woodwinds piped and voices hollered. It was a rumpus to behold indeed!
Parade Dancing
(Photo: Chris Yetter)

Just as the wild ruckus was coming to an end, Wotan began to feel dizzy, "What's going on here?  Why do I feel...hey!  I was under a spell!  Oooh, you glittery gnats, I'll smash you all!  I want the Queen!"

Queen's Champion blocks Wotan's mallet!
(Photo: Iris Thiel)
The loyal court of the Fairy Queen formed a wall between she and Wotan, making as more noise in protest than his Barbarian ears could handle. "If you want me," declared the Fairy Queen, "then you must defeat my Champion!"

Did you see that?  A giant bear head!
(Photo: Iris Thiel)
A great battle ensued. Wotan's mallet smashed down, skillfully blocked with crossed sai.  They parried and the Champion rolled aside, dodging a forceful blow.  She lept on Wotan's back but he flung her over his shoulder to the ground.  Just as she leaped back to her feet, the fight took a shocking turn!

"Oh no, my valiant Champion!" cried the Amethina turning away with an indignant huff. "You cheated to win - Just like a filthy barbarian...."

Much to everyone's surprise Wotan had used a giant magical bear head to reduce the Champion into a crumpled pile on the ground, lain in defeat.

Wotan capturing Thorne!
(Photo: Richard Doyle)
"Your Queen is now mine!" he roared, shaking his mallet at the flock of fae.  Thorne twilled her nose at him and stuck out her tongue defiantly! "I'll get you too, you winged vermin!" And gave chase, capturing Thorne over his shoulder.

Now that Wotan had the two ladies captive, he had to think about what to do with them...

...and think...

...and think...

Yarrrrr! Lemme at them fairy wings!
(Photo by: Richard Doyle)
...and FINALLY he came up with the brilliant idea that he could sell them for profit toooooooo....the pirates!

In short order, they plucked the wings off the two faeries to prevent them from escaping by air.  Next, they unceremoniously placed a Cold Iron shackle on each of the their arms.

As everyone knows, Cold Iron is the bane of all Fae, stealing their magic powers away from them and robbing them of their glamour.

Pirates, always having an eye for riches, decided that they were going to hold the the Fairy Queen and her lady Thorne for ransom.  The price?  A trove of Goblin Fruit, enough for the crew, that is good for making a pirate impervious to at least one stabbing out on the high seas.

In Her most royal and magnanimous grace (and recalling that Thorne was a very amusing jester to the Queen's Royal Fool), Mary Queen of Scots beneficently agreed to set a basket by her throne for the collection of such fruits.
Thorne tickling Calabash, Queen Mary's Fool with a feather
(Photo: Chris Yetter)

After the last joust on Sunday, it was her promise to deliver them to the Pirates when the ransom price was reached...


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