Thursday, August 19, 2010

Midsummer Faire: Barbarian Birthday!

B.O.O.M. Pirates fire their cannons.
(Photo: Richard Doyle)
Trumpets blazed and cannons boomed, signaling the opening of Midsummer Faire for the second weekend!

A lovely patch of land known as Maris Farms was now transformed into a Renaissance Realm, complete with privateers and swashbucklers, faeries and goblins, knights and jousters and of course the elite court and Her Royal Majesty, Mary Queen of Scots.
Amethina the Fairy Queen
(Photo: Larry Bennett)

Mount Rainier towered on the clear blue horizon - perfect weather for the Fairy Queen to keep an eye out for her arch-nemesis, Wotan the Barbarian!  This weekend was Wotan's birthday and Amethina had a suspicion that he would make an appearance so she planned ahead.

Being a Barbarian, Wotan had probably forgotten that it was his 274th birthday and so the Fairy Queen decided to arm all the elflings of her court with confetti poppers!
Aidan vs. Wotan the Barbarian
(Photo: Tammy Krout-Johanson)
When he arrived, they would all be prepared to bring the party to him! (As everyone knows, Barbarians LOVE colorful, shiny things).

It was a good plan, stalwartly defended but it wasn't enough.  Wotan was on a smashing rampage - he was still perturbed over the Cave Decorating incident.

Amethina was just going to have to come up with a new plan for how to counter-act that troublesome Barbarian...

Seen in this post:
Elf Ears by Faire Play
Hair Braiding by Brenda the Braider
Headdress by SwanesDowne
Hair Wraps by Redwolf Hammer
Fairy Crown by Friendly Faeries

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  1. Wotan is clearly a kind and gentle soul in need of love, hugs and glitter in order to get in touch with his inner fairy. Amethina is a true humanitarian...barbaritarian? reach out to him so generously. I cannot imagine a better 274th birthday present!