Friday, October 15, 2010

From Queen to Shining Queen

When last we left our Fairy Queen Amethina, she was being held for ransom by swashbuckling Pirates!  Mary, Queen of Scots, remained to true to her most gracious and royal promise to use goblin fruit to buy her fellow Queen's release.

Spritelings of the faerie courts flew into action!  They flitted all around Midsummer gathering all the goblin fruit they could find into a huge basket.  Soon it was practically overflowing and the Queen Mary designated her loyal servant Vidor Karoly Fedence Kovacs to assist with the delivery.
A favor is offered

Well, the Pirates hemmed and hawed and tried to extort some more booty but they made a deal with Queen Mary and weren't going to risk a full-scale, cannon-blasting, mast-cracking battle out on her waters.

Escort home
"Besides," said Amethina as they unlocked her cold iron shackles. "That illiterate Barbarian Wotan has a treasure map that he can't read.  You can trade rotten goblin fruit to him for the treasure map - Barbarian's love rotten fruit."

As everyone knows, hunting for treasure a favored activity amongst the sea-dogs and wayfarers.  If they weren't convinced before, the opportunity to find gold cinched the deal.

Grateful for the help of Queen Mary, Amethina presented an offer in kind.  "From one queen to another, please accept that we owe you a favor for dealing with all of this....unsavory business."

"Goodbye, sweet Chia."
(Pic: Douglas Herring)
A favor from the Fae was no small matter.  They do not grant such things lightly and Queen Mary smiled in agreement.  She was a clever woman and no doubt would use the boon quite craftily when the time was right.

Queen Amethina kissed the bright green parrot that had kept her company in captivity.  "Goodbye sweet Chia, I shan't miss those Pirates but I will miss you."

Faerie Court back at the Bower.
With that, the pirates returned the Fairy Queen's wings and chiming magic wand.  Amidst the happy chatter of all the elflings, Amethina was escorted back to the fairy bower at the top of the hill.... where did that Barbarian go....?

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