Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Knight to Remember

Even Queen Elizabeth who was visiting from Canterbury Faire came by the Faerie Bower to express happy returns at the safe rescue of the Fairy Queen.  
Queen Elizabeth and her entourage.

She was most pleased to see everyone in good health and cordially invited the Fairy Court to visit Canterbury Faire next year. A splendid offer!

"We are about to have a ceremony here," Amethina told Elizabeth.  "Would Your Majesty grace us to stay?"

Queen Elizabeth smiled, "I would delighted."

Waving her hand, all the chattering elflings perched around and Morgan - the Fairy Queen's Champion - was summoned forth for audience.
The Fairy Queen's Champion
 kneels at court.

Morgan was fierce in battle and bravely defended all the childlings and elves, hobs and sprites from that brash and hulking, faerie-smashing barbarian WOTAN.

Kneeling down before the Queen, Morgan bowed her head with respect as Amethina spoke for all the court to hear.

"You have done a great service to the Fae with your constant vigilance and dedication to protection, even at the risk of your own life."

Amethina touched her magic wand in an arc from the Champion's shoulder over to the other,  "For this loyal service, let it henceforth be known that you shall be called Lady Morgan, a sworn Knight of this Court."

Amethina presents Lady Morgan
 with magical bracers.
Zane, one of the young fae, brought over a box from which the Fairy Queen withdrew two black leather items. 

"In recognition of your advancement, we present to you these magical bracers.  They have had a protection enchantment placed upon them to aid you in your duties."

Lady Morgan gratefully accepted her gift and rose to a chorus of cheers and congratulations!

WOTAN the Barbarian is blocked by
 Lady Morgan from entering the Faerie Bower
Just as she finished securing them to her arms, a booming voice echoed down the lane to the Bower.  "WHERE IS THAT FAERIE QUEEN?!!" 

It was none other than WOTAN the Barbarian and he was in a fit!

"Stop right there!" commanded Morgan as she immediately sprang forth.  "You may not enter this Bower."

Just like magic, glamor rippled in the air as a protective shield surrounded the brave Knight and all the Faeries in the Bower.

"Aaaaarggggh!!!" WOTAN roared angrily.  "What is this disgusting faerie magic?  Your pathetic, glittery Queen stole my mallet!"  He raged and shook his club but he wasn't getting past the Champion...


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    This wood draws heavily off of earth energies and is excellent for defensive and protective magic.

  2. Captivating giveaway! I discovered many wondrous tools for protection spells, but was drawn to the Air Element Parchment.

  3. I am following and rated 5 stars on Networked Blogs!

  4. I tweeted today! And oops, I forgot to leave my email on the other entries, it's underwater at aquariann dot com

  5. Very cool. My brother participates in events like these.

  6. Wonderful Post and great pictures.
    I thought you might enjoy machinima film about the folk song Scarborough Fair
    along with my speculative conjecture that this may also have arisen from Spencer's Faerie Queene
    Best Wishes.