Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knight Prize and Drossbox Hidden Treasure...

Contestants searched high and low in their efforts to win the Amethyst Crystal Potion, said to be great for protection, the mind, mysticism and calm.  Many magical items were found for protection: Juniper and Poisonwood Magic Wands, Air Elemental Parchment, a Macassar Ebony Wand - the list goes on!

After a week of hunting for items, all the entries were rounded up for the prize drawing.  The box was shaken and yon random castle guard was enlisted to draw the name of the final winner:

Congratulations and happy winnings to her, as the Magic Potion is on its way for her very own use.

In the mood for prizes, treasures and other fun games, Amethina decided to continue the adventure and go on a little excursion.  She dug through her own treasure chest for some faerie sparklies and packed a small, weatherproof container full of all the necessary components: stamp, booklet, shiny things, instructions, cool stuff and then set out to the Barony of Tacoma to find an excellent place to geo-cache this Drossbox.

Once in the land of Tacoma, Amethina stopped by one of her favorite shops where some fairy friends dwell.  Whilst there, she found the perfect place out back to hide the Drossbox full of treasure.
Amethina points to the hidden Drossbox!
(Elf Hoodie by BluPixie)

Pulling her elf hoodie up over her head so as to blend in, she sneaked the treasure in under a bush and thought up this little rhyme to help any scavenger hunters find it:

Where the Moon is a Crescent
Faerie treasure is present
Around a corner
Up a stone stair
Under a shrub, it's tucked in there!

Do you know a place in Tacoma that fits that description??

Magic sewn for the evening, Amethina said goodbye to her friends and was off to the next adventure! 
Happy Hunting!

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  1. Congratulations to Jessica! And what a fun Drossbox hunt - too bad I'm clear across the country!!