Sunday, November 7, 2010

Drossbox: Under the Green Hill Contest!

Samhain Amethina
Samhain is that time where the Unseelie Courts come into prominence.  The dark half of the year until Beltane is filled with mischief and chaos.   This Hallowe'en, Strowler Nights was the event of the season and Amethina packed a Drossbox and dressed for the occasion.

Down in an out-of-the-way warehouse, you practically had to know the secret password in almost speakeasy style, to get into the party.

Ignition Fire Spinning
The night was filled with amazing music from SJ Tucker, Alexander James Adams, Vixy and Tony and others.  Fire was spun by the troupe Ignition, songs were sung and the crowd was enchantingly stylish.  Chronomancers and devils and the Morrigan, oh my!

The mission of the evening for Amethina though, was to hide a Drossbox.  She had packed another bit of faerie treasure into a weather-proof box and was determined to place it somewhere outside to be found!

Searching for a hiding spot without success, she finally decided to ask someone who might know the area better.  Nearby a leafy Dryad looked as if she might know the lay of the land pretty well so Amethina asked her.

"Over there!" said the autumnal one, "Under the Green Hill!"  She pointed in the right direction and when midnight struck and the festivities began to scatter, Amethina set out to find the Green Hill.

Around the roads and through the rain, she made her way to an impressive stone archway.  It seemed to lead right into the side of a very green hill indeed and so she boldly entered to passageway.

The rockwall trail switchbacked left and right until the mound opened up.  Following the path to the right there was a tall tree surrounded by patches of glistening ivy and shrubbery.  It was the perfect place!

Amethina planted the Drossbox as her most recent geocache and then doubled back toward the mouth of the Green Hill.

True to fae standards, welcome to my SECOND BLOG CONTEST where you can win awesome treasure!  If you've never played one, just read the instructions and join right in :)


The leafy Dryad advised Amethina to hide the drossbox Under the Green Hill, which also happens to be a new book by Laura L. Sullivan!  Win a one year subscription to the awesome full-color Faerie Magazine by entering!

1) Visit Laura's facebook page for her book Under the Green Hill and "like" her page.  Leave a comment on her wall mentioning this Gilded Quill-Under the Green Hill giveaway, and in this blog post so we can verify your entry. REQUIRED, You must do this before any additional entries!!

2) Become a follower of the gildedquill on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway.  Come back here and leave an additional comment with your twitter ID.  You may do this once a day.

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6) Find the Drossbox geocache in Seattle, WA and post a picture of your own log book with a stamp from the box.

The contest will end at 11:59pm on Sunday, Novemeber 14th and the winner will be announced shortly after.   Win your ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to FAERIE MAGAZINE! (US Entries Only)


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