Thursday, November 18, 2010

Faerie Magazine Winner & Orycon Drossbox!

Faerie Magazine
If you loved faeries, you might have wonderful dreams at night.  For example, you might dream about winning a prize like Cathy Lallemand.  She won the beautiful, full color Faerie Magazine for a whole year!  Or perhaps you would dream about finding hidden treasure around town, stashed in secret faerie caches.

Probably what WOTAN dreams about.
You might however be the rather savage and uncivilized sort such as a Redcap.  Perhaps a Boggart instead or even...a filthy, dirty, nasty, rotten Barbarian named WOTAN.

And if you were WOTAN, you'd probably be happy as a hedgehog to dream about plucking pixie wings or making kabob spears out of spritelings.  No doubt, skewering faeries on a giant needle would be one of your favorite nightly visions - if you were a Barbarian.

WOTAN in the Mandalorian jail.
That's probably what WOTAN was dreaming about the very day that Amethina was zipping along the silvery freeway path on her way to Orycon 32.  Fortunately for all the little fae, WOTAN was just dreaming.  And snoring, very loudly.

In fact, his foghorn snore is probably what accounted for the whirlwind of autumnal leaves that piled along curbs and eddied them into the air.  Amethina knew that this year at Orycon, she had better watch out for WOTAN - he was bound to get some revenge for being thrown in galactic jail the year before.
Tumwater Bridge Path

Just in case, she decided to hide her Drossbox along the way at Tumwater Falls Park.  It was a blustery day to be hiding anything outside, but Amethina thought up this rhyme for a clue as she navigated her way past the playground.

Through a park of autumn leaves
A path lies to the right
Under the bridge, near the fence's end
Hides a Drossbox out of sight.

Venturing down beneath the concrete structure she searched around until she found a suitable hiding place for the treasure and tucked it safely away.  After WOTAN tried to steal the Faerie Treasure from the pirates at the WA Midsummer Renaissance Faire, Amethina was very careful about keeping them out of his reach.  He's a Barbarian though, so it is highly unlikely that he will be able to solve any riddles that might give away the location of the treasure!
Definitely what Amethina dreams about!

As it turns out, that was a smart move because WOTAN was on a pranking rampage that weekend!  He even left a gruesome rat and disgusting cockroaches all over Amethina's magical booth.

That's alright though, in the end, Amethina and her court of faeries and spritelings conquered that great, hulking barbarian in the end.

Or maybe that was just a dream....

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