Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Norwescon Review 2010

Well my faithful Gilded Quill readers, as you may know, Norweson 33 was this last weekend and the great barbarian Wotan was on the loose. After he was caught licking some crushed Kelpies off his fingers at Orycon 31, Amethina had him thrown in jail by the Mandalorians (that's those Boba Fett types out there)!

As you can imagine, Wotan was NONE-too-pleased. He raged in the cage and swore to get the Faeries back at Norwescon.

True to his word, he starting smashing fae left and right with his great hammer. Not even Amethina suspected that he would terrorize a little baby boggan though! Fortunately...since he's a loud barbarian, his secret plan wasn't very secret and we Fae stick together! When Wotan arrived to register his mallet, he was in for a surprise because none other than the Faerie Queen appeared to lay a geas upon him as she declared this proclamation:
"In this crossroads of creatures, there will be no flattening of Fae!
No gnashing on the Gnomes, or squishing of the Selkies.
You may not bop the Boggans or moosh the Merfolk.
Shiving the Sidhe with cold iron is
You are not allowed to pound Phouka or gank Goblins
And you are sworn to hold your hammer whilst in these borders!"

Then, the Peace Bond Barbarian tied specially made frilly bows all over Wotan's mallet, binding him to agreement. Wotan howled with anger and Amethina flittered with glee that her plan had worked. When he realized what she had done, he gave chase.

Around the merchant's market the two flew! Amethina darted past Eraserhead Press (one of her favorite bizarre publishers) and then ducked into Badger's Den (awesome colored contacts) where that randy Satyr tried to help by gnawing on Wotan's shield (goats like trash).

Around the room they rolled past Art of Wings (where Amethina's faerie-sister Meghann gave her some feather bracers for defense!) and zipped by Cleo Wolfus Design (best Faerie Hair ever!).

A little birdie tipped Amethina off to Wotan's weakness: TOE SOCKS! He hates those things, they gross him out. The Faerie Foo ensued - it was all striped socks, glamour bombs and glitter poi as the Realm was defended by naked twinkle toes and a little help from Faerie friends!

Where you see one fae though...a troop is hidden. While Wotan was busily distracted in the great chase, Amethina's ally from Faeriecon - the Gaoler - secretly found Wotan's cave and set about beautifying it. By the time he was done, it was a perfect nest for any Faerie-loving-Barbarian!

Well, unless you aren't a Faerie-loving-Barbarian (but I heard a rumor that Wotan has a crush on Amethina and just isn't very good at trying to court a Faerie...shhhh....).

After all was said and done, everyone had so much fun that they decided to do it all over again at the Spring Fairy Festival on April 17, in Tacoma Freighthouse Square! The Faerietale Minstrel, Amy Brown, Rob Carlos and a host of other awesome guests will be there.

Amethina will even be teaching the elflings how to make their own Fairy Wand just in case a very very angry Barbarian named Wotan appears!

Vanya Sulie, Faerie Friends (see you all at Spring Fairy Festival & watch out for Wotan!),
Aerowynd Flightfeather
Realm Reporter ExtraordinAIRe!

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