Monday, March 15, 2010

UNbirthday Tea & Mosscreep Retreat

A reporter's work is never done! Cherry blossoms are beginning to snow down from branches in pink and white ruffles, reminding me that time flies this month like minutes of the White Rabbit's watch.

Having a small reprieve from the constant flurry of faerie activity, I found myself instead invited to an UNbirthday Tea Party. I took my own tumble down the rabbit hole and decided to accept. Everyone was there from the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, Palace Guards, Garden Roses, Noble Ladies, White Rabbit and a very Emo Alice.

It was an excellent party of finger sandwiches, pears and fruits, deliciously sweet truffles and tilted cakes frosted in bold colors - and of course a fine selection of tea!

Suffice it to say, we had an excellent time but lost track of it! After the party wandered the land of wonder until I found the path that led back toward the Mosscreep Forest and there I set about my journey to the Library of Tir Eolas.

That was when I learned that it was already halfway through the Sakura Fairy Moon (the Hare could have said something!) In the spell between events, I had resolved to visit my quiet friend Faela. She is a Dryad Librarian in the Library at the Academy and I have spent no small amount of researching through her leaflets, stone tablets and tomes.

Late as I was, Faela welcomed me with a smile and showed me some of the research that she had been engrossed with. She has been working on a compendium of trees in the forest and just finished detailing the Baobab, Butternut and Cottonwood trees. She has completed over 85 of her trees so far with only a few left to go until 100!

I shared with her news from the outside world including the upcoming market at Norwescon as well as the Spring Fairy Festival. The way her eyes lit up for a moment, I thought she might actually adventure outside her library walls and make an appearance but it is difficult to say with Dryads, they do like the quiet solitude of their forest greens.

Faela and I have spent the last few days collecting a number of blossoms from the gardens. She is preparing to make some new batches of spring paper and stationary. Golden Plum, Cherryblossom and Morning Glory have all been laid out to dry. We have also been collecting a peacock, goose and turkey feathers for making new quills!

Tonight is the Full Moon and in a couple of Days, everyone's Irish - don't forget to wear some green and find your four-leaf clover!

Fair wind and fair weather, friends :)
Vanya Sulie,

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