Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Celebration 2010 Review

The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination. ~Ward Elliot Hour

Hello my germs and sprouts! This last weekend was the awesome Faerieworlds Winter Celebration down in Eugene, Oregon. Every fairy who is any fairy attended the smashing array of events from starlit concerts and shadow-shows to an amazing Fairy Marketplace during the day.

Of course the usual suspects (Hawk, Copper, Maralily, Rhiannon, Rowan, Jasmine, Dymphina, Lyra and COMFy crew) were seen rubbing elbows with the Pearldrop and Iris Queens, a Craven Corax and Toby Froud and his mechanical monkey and even right up on the stage with Abney Park! I hear tell that their new album Aether Shanties is really quite good.

Unfortunately for me, I suspect a Boggart or perhaps even a Redcap put something disgusting like windshield wiper fluid in my fruit punch because I was very ill on Saturday so I spent most of my time shopping and watching the colors blur as faeries took to the dance floors at sundown.

Nevertheless! I managed to find some really great faerie wares and see some fantastic performances that I'd like to share with you all :)

Goblin Road: This family owned toy company debuted two new stuffed little friends. The Furry Gob-mother, Redcaps and Mud Goblins (the little brown ones amidst all those Nose Goblins!). When I got home, you can imagine my shock at discovering that one of the Mud Goblins stowed himself away in my suitcase!
He's made himself quite at home and immediately took a liking to my little gobbler, Grubs. The Mud Goblin has been pretty quiet about his name though and I still don't know what it is so maybe you all there can help me discover it! If you think you have a good guess as to his name, leave a suggestion here!

Steambaby: Never fear! The Fairy Market has things for K'nockers, Boggarts, Redcaps and even Orcs (and maybe a Barbarian named Wotan)! Mac McGowan of Steambaby makes some of the finest goggles, monocles and leatherwear available from the Pacific Northwest.

Samiah Clothing: If you have never seen the amazing quality and unique design of Samiah's clothes, you are missing out. She has an incredible style with brocades and velvets, crafting them into jackets, dresses, tailcoats and more.

Glass by Lais: This glass-blower, James, had some amazing and original work. I was personally a huge fan of his surreal flower garden but the comments seemed endless on his iridescent faerie wing pendants. He had some pretty popular little jars and hanging sconce vases as well (I think one went home with Lady Laume :)

Well my lovelies, that sums up the
Winter Celebration for 2010. If you weren't there, don't be so square next year and start gearing up for the Summer Celebration!

Next up this Sunday the 7th of February is the Sweet Sorrows Show at Club Motor in Seattle, WA. This ought to prove to be a truly strange and macabre Valentine's market.

Fair wind and fair(y) weather, Vanya sulie my magic friends. Aerowynd Flightfeather, over and out!


  1. Hmmm...after much pondering, I think your mud goblin's name should be....[sounds of Nocker devices falling apart]...Leifa Ochresmudge.

  2. I looked up the word "mud" in different languages and thought any of these would be great names if they appeal to your new mud baby. Personally I think Schlamm is the frontrunner just because it's so fun to say outloud.

    Schlamm (German)
    Fango (Italian)
    Barro (Spanish)
    Boue (French)