Monday, January 18, 2010

Rustycon 2010 Review

Hello faeries and goblins, selkies and trolls! I tried to introduce myself after Orycon however...a certain incident with a barbarian named Wotan has kept me on a vigilant lookout for possible pranks and tricks. Barbarians, they say, love faerie-kabobs and I have no desire to end up on the pointy end of a stick!

With that, my name is Aerowynd Flightfeather and I have been hired by the Amethina to take over this blog column. Last year, Amethina discovered that she was becoming increasingly swamped with making magical glammeries, crystal potions and collecting fantastical feathers for her quills.

All that whisking around the Magical Realms was keeping her quite busy so she hired your's truly - a travel writer - to follow her events and report the exciting news and gossip!

As many of you dear readers may already know, this last weekend was Rustycon 2010 in Seattle. Rusty turned out to be a relatively laid-back fantasy sci-fi convention which was a nice change of pace.

There were all the goodies of your standard con such as panels and goody-bags, art-show, and dealer's room but I'd like to give a nod to some notable activities:

--Masquerade: Normally conventions have a masquerade where people shed their mundane mortal costumes of jeans and corporate clothes, and appear before audiences as their true inner-spirits. A panel of judges votes on who has fancied up the best and there are prizes and prestige to be had. Rustycon chose to approach this in a new, audience-inclusive way: they took pictures of everyone decked in their best finery and then posted those pictures on a huge board. All attendees were allowed to vote for who they liked best and participants got to take their pictures home when it was all said and done!

--Lazertag: On Saturday night, there was a huge lazer-tag game in one of the rooms. The elder grumps called it "pick-off-a-pixie", which made me chuckle. This was actually a really awesome activity for the kids which began around 8pm or so. Talk about letting them run loose like a horde of screaming bhan-sidhe! I was tempted, I admit, but I had a dinner-date. If I was a still a spriteling though, that would have been the BEST thing to do before bedtime!

--Costumers Garage Sale: On Sunday, there was an indoor 'garage-sale' for old costuming outfits, jewelry, you name it. Attendees filled a room with bargain pieces, some of which were at really incredible prices! I even found a flight-cloak for one of my little lost boys :)

Overall, Rustycon was a pretty nice event to go to with a low-stress atmosphere and in a great setting. The atrium and swimming pool area, as well as the party wing were all really amazing.

My next stop is the Faerieworlds Winter Celebration so I need to get on the silver path to the next event! I promise I'll tell the story of arresting Wotan at Orycon from the trail over the next couple of weeks.

Vanya sulie, fair winds my magic friends!

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