Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bad Faerie (part 2)

Needless to say the Gaoler was quite suspicious about this festive activity in which the ladies were partaking.

He carefully inspected Professor Lascivious' hookah, "I'm not sure I trust you ladies on a night like this." he stated, peering down the neck of the device.

"Nothing to worry about Sir Gaoler." offered the Professor. "Just a pleasant concoction of wormwood and faerie dust."

"It is Bad Faeries night, relax some." Illumé smiled warmly. "Besides, you know what they say Sir Gaoler, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

The Gaoler grunted dubiously and took a puff off the hookah just to be sure there was nothing illegal about it.

"Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three..." advised the Professor with an experienced grin.

Of course there was no harm to be found and so the Gaoler joined Copper, Illumé and Lascivious in their festive sharing of the hookah. Just like eating a lot of chocolate-covered espresso beans, one had better watch out! The buzz can still disorient you...

There is no telling what crazy antics a glamoured up group of faeries will get up to! The merry group laughed and joked whilst Professor Lascivious showed them all her "Blue Steel" camera pose.

Heady with magic, they discussed what mischief they might find at the masquerade ball. Then with their heads spinning and their vision all alight, they drifted toward the enchanting steams of music....
Each Faerie made their own way there
But O mortal, do beware!
Things are not always what they seem
When the Nightmare is the dream
You should be careful if you revel
Lest phantasms make you tremble
And on strange journeys with them embark
Lured into Bad Faeries midnight dark!

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