Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad Faerie (part 1)

Our story begins with The Illuminationist, who traveled west across the country to attend the event of the season. In a chilly November Baltimore on the heels of Samhain, Faeries around the world gathered for one last weekend of music, dance, shopping and festivity before the season churned into the flurry of winter.

For those who have never been, Faeriecon is a convention which is held on the east coast of the US, featuring the fantastic artwork and craftsmanship of all things fae. For a single weekend, what once was a Marriott hotel is transformed into a magical hollow in order to host a veritable army of merchants amidst the Good Faeries/Bad Faeries Masquerades on Friday and Saturday respectively.

In the Realm of Faerie, the Unseelie Court rules the Winter half of the year - from Samhain to Beltain - which rounded up a different sort magical crew of friends for a weekend of adventure.

The Illuminationist thought that traveling was always so tiring when the silver path took the form of a metal bird which is why she was most pleased to encounter the notorious Professor Lascivious from the Society of Faerie Preservation upon her arrival.

The Professor and Illumé were long colleagues and true to form, Lascivious had come prepared for the Bad Faeries Ball with no less than the hookah of bliss.

Illumé relaxed in the Hookah Lounge, accommodated by the Professor's new invention when who should wander in but one of her favourite fellow Faerie models!

Copper was one saucy red-head who often modeled for elites such as Brute Force Leather and the infamous pirate proprietor of Great Scot Productions. For herself, Illumé was working for illustrious Susan Schroder Fantasy Art on this particular weekend.

Illumé flagged her partner-in-mischief over to share in the tasty goodness, courtesy of the Professor. Music drifted down the hall from bands such as Faun, Priscilla Hernandez and Gypsy Nomads. It was a fantastic line-up of some of the best in Faerie and magical music.

Just as the revelry was starting to get underway the Gaoler appeared, "Why, hello ladies...what have we here?" Obviously he was looking to crack down on anyone out of line...

The Illuminationist: Susan Schroder Fantasy Art
Illumé Mini Hat: Brute Force Leather
Illumé Gloves: Dancing Hands
Gaoler/Illumé Ears: Crescent Moon Gifts
Illumé/Lascivious Wings: Allyson at Little Wing
Illumé Choker: Jessica Galbreth

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