Monday, October 26, 2009

The Acorn of Penumbra (Part 2)

...well Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and the Wild Girls ran utterly amok once they had the Magical Acorn! Meanwhile everyone else was also looking for the giant seed, and Robin Hood and Nottingham even demanded that Sugarplum give it back, but she promised she didn't have it. Goblindan came around looking inside the dross box and though there was no Magical Acorn, he did find other shinies!

On the other side of Penumbra, the Fae Protegées were chasing down the treasure quite effectively. They went in the barn and behind the stage and around the hayride tractor, through the merchants' tents in their escapade around the faire.
There was no way that Genevieve, Sierra, Bree, Amethyst and Jade were going to lose track of it this time so they chased Peter all the way to the Indian teepees where they had to HALT!
No one allowed to go further lest they face the wrath of the Lost Boys and Wild Girls.
With some quick thinking, the girls negotiated a deal between themselves, Tinkerbell and Sugarplum and scored the Magical Acorn!

Everyone ran excitedly back to the Gilded Quill where the Magical Acorn was placed in safely in the Dross Box (a perfect place since they are made to store Faerie Treasure).
The girls all agreed that since Sir Lancelot held Sierra's favor, he could definitely be trusted to do the right thing with the over-sized seed, namely, not give it to any giant squirrels or otherwise untrustworthy rapscallions. Sir Lancelot did indeed do the right thing and knelt to present it to his Liege Lord King Arthur of Camelot.

With the help of the Girls, the Magical Acorn was returned to Queen Titania and King Oberon at the end of the day and there was much rejoicing for everyone! Awesome job ladies :)

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