Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Acorn of Penumbra (Part 1)

Early in October, on a crisp and spry weekend, faerie Queen Titania hosted Penumbra Faire and the birthday party for King Oberon. Everyone had been invited from Pirates to King Arthur to Peter Pan & the Lost Boys to the Nutcracker Kingdom. Rumour spread across the land and Sugarplum the Fairy decided a celebration would be the perfect way to start the season!

Well, it was no secret that King Oberon's special birthday gift, a Magic Acorn, had been stolen! Everyone wanted to get their hands on the prize that would give them another 1,000 years of life.

Sugarplum had scarcely arrived to the party when the Magic Acorn fell into her possession. Though many tried to trick her out of it, only the Faerie Arddun Mor was willing to make an exchange: "One day's enchantment over Sir Lancelot, in exchange for the Magic Acorn." The ladies agreed and the deal was settled.

Meanwhile, back at the Gilded Quill arbor, a young, dark-haired maiden by the name of Sierra was selecting her first magic wand: a sleek and black Gaboon Ebony to match her raven tresses. No sooner had Sierra chosen her perfect wand than Sir Lancelot appeared and knelt before Sugarplum, "What is thy bidding, lady?"

What fantastic timing! "Sir Lancelot, I have a new friend here, Sierra," said Sugarplum. "And we would like you to ride in the next joust with her favor on your armor."

The honorable Knight readily agreed and set out to complete his task. First he had to battle Sinbad but that was alright because he was of course, victorious. Lancelot was the best Knight in all Arthurian Legend after all!

Not only that, he recovered all the gold that the Sheriff of Nottingham had stolen from the Merchants by over-taxing them!

Sir Lancelot gave the gold to Sierra who turned it over to Robin Hood who redistributed it to Sugarplum and all the other merchants.

Elsewhere, on the other side of Penumbra, mischief had ensued. The Magic Acorn had fallen into the hands of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys and Wild Girls! Now everyone from Captain Hook to the Pirates of Penzance would be out to capture the valuable treasure - including the shining young protegées of Sugarplum...stay tuned for part two of the Penumbra Faire story!
To be continued...


  1. Dear Amethina,

    I would expect exactly these kinds of shenanigans from Sugarplum of the Nutcracker Kingdom. It is quite one thing to bring a little chaos to me and my lands, and quite another to create mischief and uproar at Queen Titania's gala. Folderol and hullabaloo of this sort seem quite in keeping with Peaseblossom or Cobweb or even Mustardseed, but Sugarplum? I know you will say, as you often do, that I am far to stiff and stoic a fairy, but I am certain King Oberon would agree that there is a time for hijinx and bunks, and a time for dignity and decorum! I certainly hope that the Magical Acorn found its way back to King Oberon. I suppose I shall have to wait until you write more to find out. Harumph!



  2. My good Gareth,

    Everyone knows that the courts of the Nutcracker Prince are primarily Seelie, he did after all rescue Clara and kill the evil Rat King.

    I find it difficult to believe that Sugarplum, as the primary Fae emissary from his courts, would raise too much mischief but it was a party after all.

    Besides, Queen Titania should know better than to have a swinging soirée right on the cusp of Samhain, when the power of the Unseelie Courts is on the rise!

    Have a pinch of confidence! Everyone likes a bit of fun.

    Your friend,