Monday, October 5, 2009

Crescent Moon & Penumbra Gossip!

On Sunday, the Fairy Amethina overheard that there was going to be a little soire down at Crescent Moon Gifts in Tacoma to celebrate their grand re-opening. Having several friends down there, and knowing that it is always a place that faeries love to gather and chatter, she decided that it sounded like a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. She put on some mundane clothes and set out southbound.

When she arrived, the place was bustling with activity and artists like Amy Brown, Rob Carlos, Jeweled Scarab, "Green Fay", Hands of Light Massage, Kristine Walsh and Patricia Hedegaard. All of the faeries were particularly a-flutter with some excitement so Amethina went to see what it was all about.

Mustardseed, one of Queen Titania's handmaidens was spreading the word and she whisped into Amethina's ear, "Queen Titania is throwing a birthday party for her King and *everyone's* invited!" Well, that WAS exciting news! Too good to keep to one's self.

Well, anytime the Realm is summoned together is bound to be adventurous and zany. Such times are always more fun with fiends so naturally Amethina whispered the news to her good friend Annbug, with who she had embarked on many an adventure.

"Guess what? Titania is throwing a birthday party for Oberon at Penumbra Faire! Rumour has it all the fantasy realm is invited..."
Well, Annbug was never one to miss an opportunity for a little mischief and mayhem so at the first opportunity, she found the attending swashbucklers to spread the news: "Queen Titania is throwing a party at Penumbra Faire...aaaaaaaand *everyone is invited - Pirates too!"

Well, one can only imagine the sort of birthday party THIS will be what with Faeries and Pirates and Knights, Lost Boys and Merpeople and yes...even Goblins and Barbarians and YOU too!

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