Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Fairy Festival 2010

Greetings Blossoms and Sprouts! I have finally trod the silver path home from the Spring Fairy Festival in a ribbon-ly fashion, round-about, by way of Beltane at Crescent Moon Gifts.

The festival was an awesome event with great workshops, vendors, music and fun for the kiddos at every turn. It was such a good turn out this year that I think they might have to upgrade to a larger venue next year which can only result in awesome!

As I wandered around the celebration, here are some of the highlights that I took note of:

--The Fairy Amethina from the Gilded Quill taught a Magic Wand making class
for a whole host of Faeries and Elflings, which was a great success and resulted in many glamour-ready magic wands for the spreading of sparkle.

--Blu Pixie also taught a great workshop on how to build your own Fairy Nest. It was a hit and soon, there were nests all over the festival, adorned with creativity and flowers!

--Across the row from Amethina was the beautiful and bright Heather Teakell of
Krickets Creation. Heather is the hattress behind these amazing mini tri-corns and tophats, looking awesome in her ivy-arched booth.

--Around the corner from them was the soft-spoken Rachel Pace from Rachel's Fairy Houses.
She had a whole new selection of awesome steampunk-fairy rings and amazing new Gypsy Caravans.

ALSO! Rachel has been entered into a contest at Michael's Crafts for the most creative momma-fairy! If you love her work and want to support the community, please go give her your vote here! No signing up is necessary on any mailing lists or anything :)

--The All's Faire gnomes made a showing to invite everyone out to their fantasy faire this June 18th - 20th in Bonney Lake. I know I'm planning to be there!

--There were several performers such as Alexander James Adams (a favorite everywhere), Jimmy Free (amazing solo act), Green Fey (new up and coming band with a unique mellow sound), Adderstone Tribal Dance and Jeweled Scarab Dance Company.

I kept a careful eye out but there were no sightings of Wotan the Barbarian this time around...he must be plotting his revenge for Norwescon!

Fair wind and fair weather!
Aerowynd Flightfeather
Realm Reporter ExtraordinAIRe!

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