Monday, May 10, 2010

Realm Romping: Seattle!

One day, Kricket and Little Wing ventured up the silver path (that's the way faeries travel from here to there around the Realm) to their friend Amethina's grotto. Excited that her faerie sisters were visiting, they all three began to plan a trip to the Pike Place Goblin Market.

As the ladies flew toward the 99 bridge on their way to the market, they came to a sudden halt. There, beneath the bridge was the dreaded Fremont Troll! He had just awoken from his winter slumber and was starving. Without any warning, he snagged Little Wing under his gigantic hand, trapping her!

The fight was on! Kricket dueled him with her rapier stick with lightning quickness. Poking a thousand teensy times all over while Amethina pulled Little Wing from the affray.

Together all three faeries fluttered around his head and shoulders. With sticks and slings they fought the Troll, pricking him like stinging nettles until he howled for them to stop!


Immediately the girls huddled, discussing what to wish for. They could get a magical Troll ring, or maybe some of his hair which was known to make the strongest rope in all the Realm. After debating their various options, they finally chose to ask for something that would benefit Faeries everywhere. Together they stood and declared in unison:

"Fremont Troll, from this day
We wish safe passage for all fae!"

Well, the Fremont Troll wasn't very happy but he had to honor his word. They had conquered the Fremont Troll and put an end to his terrorizing of unsuspecting travelers!

Victorious, the girls consulted their map just to be sure, crossed the bridge and set forth on the path to the Pike Place Goblin Market. Check out the landmarks on their map below!
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