Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Fairy Festival 2012

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One weekend after Norwescon, it was a beautiful beginning to Spring.  There were no Barbarians-named-Wotan to be found at the Spring Fairy Festival (though a few loyal pixies did report that he was definitely kindling this year's battle of pranks with aplomb - and we'll get back to that...)

The day began with a lovely parade stroll outside and around the fountain (circles open the gate :) so that everyone could see our beautiful outfits...

...and we rolled into an amazing costume contest from which everyone walked away a winner!  For the first time ever the judges had so many awesome choices they had to have honorable mentions :)...

...and then this lovely Fairy Princess had the pleasure of  hosting two workshops.  In the first, we created Butterfly Terrariums by building moss, flower petals and assorted foliage into glass ornaments for our butterflies to live in...

...this was followed by a wonderful workshop of making Fairy Luminaries.  We transformed mundane candle jars into fae-tastic tea-light holders!

The rest of the day was merriment and revelry with friends old and new...speaking of knew, WHO knew that Wotan hearts My Little Ponies?!

Next stop: Wenatchee RenFaire!

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