Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tree Lore: Magnolia

Today is the First day of Spring, otherwise known as the Vernal Equinox!  Happy flowers and sunshine everyone :)  In celebration, I decided to highlight one of my favorite trees associated with the Spring Season....

Elemental Association: Earth
Astrological Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Ruling Planet: Sun, Venus 
Gender: Female
Magnolia is an ancient genus of plant having evolved even before bees appeared on the timeline.  The giant blossoms on this tree developed to encourage pollination by beetles first.  Some fossilized specimens have been found to date back approximately twenty-million years!
Various parts of this tree have found popular uses across the world.  In traditional Chinese medicine (known as Hou Po), the bark is used for regulating Qi (life-force) and resolving stagnation.  It helps with coughing, vomiting and bloating.  The dental community has also taken interest in the Magnolia bark extract because it interferes with the formation of bacterial plaque.
In ancient China where the plant was called Yu-lan (Jade Orchid), only the Emporer was entitled to own a Magnolia and he would occasionally give a root as a sign of imperial favor. The ancient Aztecs also knew of the Magnolia tree, naming it Eloxochitl or "Flower with Green Husk". One superstition tells that a blossom placed in the bedroom will kill anyone who sleeps there.
In Japan the blossoms are used to wrap some foods and eaten and the Magnolia is the state tree of Mississippi.  The fragrance of the blossoms is thought to possess aromatherapy qualities that help reduce anxiety.  Native Americans were said to avoid sleeping under the tree when in bloom because of its strong scent.
In flower symbolism, the Magnolia represents nobility, perseverance and a love of nature.  Indeed, this plant has been known to survive ice ages, mountain range formations and continental drift and still rises regally among other flowering trees with some of the most magnificent foliage.  Dreaming of Magnolia symbolizes beauty, grace and elegance.  It can also represent a need to feel protected and safe, or to be recognized.
Wands made from Magnolia will help to encourage a regal but gentile demeanor.  There is an almost hypnotic and languid quality to this wood that is at once commanding but unhurried.  It will help the practitioner to make wise decisions and develop patience and endurance.  Magnolia will inspire a graceful and elegant application of will and encourage one to see the beauty of nature everywhere.

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  1. I've always wondered what these beautiful flowers were called. I had no idea you could the petals! Very interesting. PS: gorgeous photo!