Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Wishing Well of Wenatchee Part 1
It all began with a warm spring day and an inebriated pirate called Sparrow.  Mead will make you hear funny things.  

For example, if you were a pirate named Sparrow, you might have heard that there was Wishing Well at the Wenatchee Faire.  And if you happened to be the sort that may know a fairytale (or tall tale) or two, you might know that Wishing Wells happen to be filled with Golden Plunder from all the coins that people toss in to make wishes.

This Wishing Well was not particularly different, except that Jack Sparrow didn't quite hear the details of this fairytale - specifically, he missed the part of about the Fae, the Magical Plunger and the bit that went: "Only the Golden Plunger retrieves the Golden Plunder" - much to his pluderous-gold-loving chagrin.

Not being the sort to run unless TOTALLY necessary, Sparrow convinced the Bellydancers around the faire that they should swipe that Golden Plunger from the Faeries.  Then, they could split the Golden Plunder between the lot of them once they had fetched it from the bottom of the Wishing Well.

The Bellydancers circled together amongst themselves, chattering over the pirate's offer.  After a few moments of debate, they agreed and the two groups came to an accord.

Almost immediately, those Bellydancers had swiped the Golden Plunger from the Faeries and off they ran with it!
To be continued...

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