Saturday, February 11, 2012

Princess Diaries: Grave Goblin Lore

Winter has been a crazily busy time.  It has been quite some time since any new residents have come to live at the Castle. Over the season, as I've been walking around and holding congress with the other residents here, I kept thinking it was time for someone new.

That's when I heard that old Gundersnack was going to be in town.  Gundersnack runs the Orphaned Goblin Relocation Experiment (O.G.R.E.) and I've adopted 3 Goblins from him over the years.

I set an appointment to meet with him straight away, and soon thereafter had set my gaze upon a horde of the little buggers.  One by one I met them, picked them up, turned them roundabout but one yellowing Grave Goblin caught my heart (which is really the best way to see things).

Well, I adopted him for my growing horde, and we went out to dinner straight away.  After all, travel-food isn't usually the best.  What is your name, my new goblin friend? I thought as we rode along in our carriage.  As with all things of this nature, I know when I've got it because the thought t-bones sideways into my mind.  For now, he wasn't answering.

We sipped savory mandarin drinks and broke seasoned bread, swirling them in oil.  A fire burned in the pit before us, where I'm sure they sometimes roasted beast.  Soon enough the entrees came and that was when he first spoke eyeing a bowl of noodles with his one eye:  Oh, I LOVE eggs! He said. And rubbery noodles are delicious.  Grave Goblins are like the undead, so half-cooked things are best.  Naturally I shared the meal with him - even though his name remained a mystery.

Back at the Castle, I introduced him to the rest of the Horde: Grubs (Nose Goblin), Gumbo (Mud Goblin) and Grimble (Oak Goblin).  My pottish little kitty, Samhain, nestled down in their circle and tucked them in for the evening.

During a conversation with a friend the next morning, I was explaining the name dilemma...saying that I couldn't quite make out his garbled words.  Gormen? Grimsly? Gummer?

Gristle! He exclaimed.  I am Gristle the Grimbringer - and I love chewy noodles, dusty food and rotted meat!

So there it was: Gristle.  What with four goblins around the castle now, I expect there to be some crazy adventures in the near future!

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