Sunday, September 4, 2011

Canterbury "Tails" Part 2

continued... that sneaky little Nymph might transfer her foxy spirit onto the good Sir Knight...

The Knight craned his neck over left shoulder and right, each time the tail swinging just out of his sight!  The children of Canterbury however shouted, fingers waggling Traegun's direction, "A fox!" they proclaimed.

He took off running, and the hunt was on!  Skirting from tree to tree, those kids chased that foxy Knight all around the faire.  Each time he ventured forth from hiding behind a fir, they gave chase, trying to catch him and tug at his tail.

As they rounded the trail and crossed by the Queen's pavilion, they espied a fenced in ring.  With much shouting and whooping the gaggle of fiesty spritelings corralled the foxy Knight within.

Cornered in the ring, the Nymph Eimmas placed upon him another kiss and with a wish away she whisked his tail!

Everyone cheered, having had great fun and the Princess gave each child a charm as a gift to remember the magical hunt!

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