Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Canterbury "Tails" Part 1

Canterbury Faire buzzed with activity.  Hands rushed too and fro assembling Queen Elizabeth's pavilion.  Knights tested the jousting field on horseback before the official games began.  Faeries and sprites flitted about, hanging garlands of flowers and arranging toadstools for the Glen  while the gnomes stood guard at the gateway.

This particular tale though, revolves around a certain foxy Lady Nymph Ael Eimmas, who's appearance is regularly made at the Princess' Faerie Glen - and Canterbury was no exception.

Now, the crowds came out for the first weekend of Canterbury for certain, but not the sun.  It was about as dreary and grey as a forlorn Eor and nothing is more sad than a bunch of water-logged fae with their droopy wings hanging down.

Naturally, when a bunch of faeries and sprites and nymphs and elves are all left huddled out of the rain...they start getting restless.  Restlessness leads to gossip.  Gossip leads to brainstorming.  Brainstorming leads to mischievousness aaaaaand....

...what lead to the Lady Eimmas disguising herself as a mortal and visiting Queen Elizabeth's court and spying a handsome Lord Knight by the name of Traegun who was the object of a wee bit of a crush!

Well, Princess Lolly could hardly pass up the opportunity to have a little fun and so she conspired together with her Lady Eimmas to devise a plan.

An enchanted kiss they decided was the perfect gift for Traegun, after an arduous battle out on the that sneaky little Nymph might transfer her foxy spirit onto the good Sir Knight...

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