Thursday, June 16, 2011

RelaxPDX, You & Faerieworlds!!

Attention all my PDX-centric lovelies!  Find The Gilded Quill booth (3200) at Faerieworlds this year and enter for a chance to win a 30 Minute Massage from RelaxPDX!

What better way to come home from a weekend of magical reverie in the wild outdoors than by following it up with a little indoor pampering?  Treat yourself after a long weekend play!

RelaxPDX is located in the Portland, OR area, so bear that in mind :)

Here are the rules:
1) Visit the Gilded Quill, Booth 3200 at Faerieworlds
2) Pick up one of Princess Lolly's business cards (every fairy princess has them nowadays!)
3) Follow Lolly on Twitter, FaceBook or Blogger - each one will get you an entry
4) Leave a note with the quote on the back of the business card you picked up!
4a) If you already follow on one venue, and aren't going to FW, feel free to still leave a comment on one of the 3 venues above that you're a new follower and I'll enter you!
5) Winner will be announced June 23rd!

Have fun!!

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