Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pirates Cove Drossbox - Yaaaaaar!

Frigid winds whipped off the Puget Sound and around the Pike Place (Goblin) Market.  By lunchtime, Princess Lolly's fingers were more like frozen finger-pops attached to her hands than working appendages.  Playing the tutti-flutti outside this early in the morning demanded hot tea to go with it in the future.

Just as she was packing up her silver flute to investigate that tea option, who should appear at the Brass Pig but lo!  Her friend, Hawk - and he was looking as mischievous as a lost boy ever does.

"Was that you I heard fluting away down there miss Lolly?" The Lost Boy grinned at the pink-haired Princess.

"It most certainly was," she nodded, returning his smile. "It is so cold down there that even my gum froze! I was going to get some hot earl grey and warm up. What are you doing down here anyway?"

"Hiding treasure..." 

Now, anyone who is an expert on Pirates, Lost Boys, Pixies and Fair Folk of all kinds knows that if there is one thing they all have in common, it is a love of shiny things and treasure.  Hawk chuckled, his blue eyes shifting up the stairs toward Post Alley and back again.  "You should stick your frozen gum on the Gum Wall and then help me hide this treasure!"  

Lolly was smirking now too. "That is a spectacular idea." she pronounced.  And that's exactly what she did!  "Now...where to hide that treasure?"

The two friends pondered this as they strolled toward the waterfront.  Lolly twirled her hair around her forefinger in thought; Hawk stroked his hairs on his chin in contemplation.  Standing at the cross-walk, the duo looked across the street and there before them was the perfect place.

"Pirates Plunder!" they exclaimed in unison.  Rushing forward they looked all around until finally, seeking a good place to hide the drossbox, they decided to ask the Wooden Fisherman.

With a strange ancient, sea-salty voice, he told them this mariner's rhyme: 

The Fisherman tries to net some fish
He sometimes gets more than his wish
For with his catch is worth beyond measure
A plunder box filled with Faerie Treasure!

Hawk took the clue and hid the treasure, and the two friends laughed, running up the harbor steps and leaving the surprise behind for anyone to find!

When Princess Lolly returned to the Castle, she raced into the Treasury.  Carefully she  marked the map for Pirates Cove with the location of a new hidden drossbox.
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Lolly's Pink Flower Ring by BluPixie
Lolly's Brass Hair Wrap by Redwolf Hammer

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