Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stone Garden Drossbox

Across the river gorge and over yellow grass-lands, in the belly of the Red Lion lies the Stone Garden.  It is a small destination, land-scaped with grey rocks and shrubberies that resemble a giant Fizgig.  Nevertheless, only the most dedicated Radcon folk know of this garden, in the center of their midst!

That was how Princess Lolly discovered the obscure little garden.  Every year during the month of the Candlelight Moon (that is, February), she traverses the Kingdom into the Land of Radcon to merrily meet with friends from afar.  They always throw quite the smashing party!

As every magical creature knows, it is polite to bring a gift when you go to visit friends, and Princesses especially are no exception to this rule.  Lolly carefully packed her treasure-filled Drossbox but, being a Faerie, she of course had to make a fun game out leaving her gift so she asked her fairy-friend Victoria for advice.

"Do you have an ideas, Miss Victoria, where we should hide this Drossbox?  It can't be too hard or too easy."

"Hrm," pondered Victoria, tapping her lips thoughtfully.  "I know!  Let's put it in the Stone Gardens!"

"Perfect!" said Lolly.  "You'll have to show me where it is at though."  

With that, the two ladies set off down the path into the very middle of the Red Lion.  They followed the sidewalk toward the tall stones and climbed up a low rock-wall.  There, Victoria searched through all the long-haired bushes, "I think under this grassy stuff should be fine."

Together, they lifted the long grass and hid the red, weather-proof box underneath.  It was a great hiding place! Right in plain sight, just like magic: easy enough to find if you know how to look :)

Once hidden, the girls locked their fingers in a fairy pinky-swear only to tell people with a dancing star in their hearts and who would promise to follow the rules - like you!

Princess Lolly waived goodbye to her friends in the Land of Radcon promising that she would see them all soon in the Faerie Glen at Ye Merrie Greenwood Faire!

Now let's see if YOU can find this Drossbox!  

Every Faerie treasure hidden in the magical realm has a corresponding location in the human world.  Drossboxing is a magical cross between Letterboxes and Geocaching (if you're familiar).

Each box is weather-proof and contains its own instructions.  To find the boxes, you must read the clues about where they are hidden (Geocaching uses GPS coordinates instead).  Sometimes the clues are a rhyme or riddle or adventure story.

You should be prepared for your adventure with the following:
--A small magical treasure of your own like a special stone, gold coin, sea glass, bubbles, finger puppets, super-balls, temporary tattoos, or whatever can go in something about the size of a school box
--Your favorite rubber stamp
--Your own stamp pad in your favorite color!
--A log book so you can track where you've been (I mark all mine on this Drossbox Map in my Castle :)

For those that may be giving this their first try, I'll tell you the human location, but you'll have to pick out the clues and use the pictures to find it on your own!

Human Location: The Red Lion, Pasco, Washington
Faerie: In the belly (center) of Radcon, under a bush in the "Stone Garden"

If you happen to find yourself at Radcon 2012, ask around - someone there is sure to know where the Stone Gardens are!  If you're just visiting any other time of year, happy hunting!

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