Monday, February 7, 2011

Fayerie Tea!

One Sunday, during the Candlelight Moon and not long after Imbolc, the magical Mahlora decided to give a gift to her friends and invited the ladies to a wonderful Fayerie Tea Party!  Princess Lolly was please as punch to receive her invitation.

Mahlora was Lolly's gentle friend who's hair was made of silver moonlight.  She lived at the Chateaux de Fée Verte - which means the House of Green Fay - where beautiful ivy vines draped the ceilings and wildflowers jumped up to giggle and play in your hair.  It was a beautiful cottage for an even lovelier friend!

Inside, the whole chateaux was decorated with blossoms and lacy tablecloths.  There were vases of glowing pussy-willows in every corner and hot-water steaming on the stove.  Wingéd faerie ladies arrived one by one. Being a fairy, and therefore time-challenged, Princess Lolly was (fashionably, of course) late!  Each lady brought her favorite tea, and a friend.
There was green tea and earl grey, mint tea and chamomile.  Princess Lolly brought Cherry Marzipan that she got from Queen Mary's Tea Room back in the Emerald City.  All the littler pixies and sprites gathered atop the fireplace.  They were so bright the whole mantle shimmered with glamorous jubilee!

Famous ladies from around the realm were in attendance from Pixieshels to Fancy Sanci.  They sipped tea, nibbled chocolate truffles, hummed a tune or two.  The whole afternoon was so full of fabulousness that a couple new friends decided to follow the Princess home and take up residency in her Castle.

One sassy Satyr even brought her guitar so she could strum while Lolly played the flute.  What do you think her name is?


  1. Sherylita Crowfaery (She reminds me of Sheryl Crow...teehee)

  2. *LOL* She kind of reminded me of Rickie Lee Jones :)