Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Skipping Realms: Faerieworlds to Sturgis

The last couple of weeks have been crazy! We went down to Faerieworlds in Eugene which was its own brand of interesting this year for many and varied reasons and from there I went right out to the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD. Finally I am back home and catching up on everything: orders, pictures, journaling...everything.

Faerieworlds saw a lot of Glammeries and handmade paper this year, and they went over well. I am particularly proud of the most recent Lavender and Safari Glammeries, they both have been percolating in my mind for awhile. I picked up some great new music by a cellist named Adam Hurst, from FW - his work pulls me into a world somewhere between Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft's 'Music of Eric Zahn'. Listening to his music on the main stage totally invoked the mischeif of Amethina the Absinthe Fairy! You wouldn't normally be able to see the Green Fairy but her visage was brought forth by the fantastic fashonista faerie clothing of various merchants in and around the Realm. Once outfitted properly, she was quite easy to identify! Here's her picture:
Feather Bracers: Art of Wings
Mossy Green Barn Owl Mini Hat: Nefarious Deeds & Designs
Abinthe Corset: Night Bird Designs
Green Silk Skirt: Firebird Fae Couture
Green Fairy Hair: Cleowolfus Designs

As you can only imagine, mischeif ensued, some of which included the glittering of Wotan the Barbarian with whome Amethina has an ongoing feud. It all started when Wotan snuck into Amethina's grotta at the Gilded Quill and left a severed leg in her luggage! So she spritzed up the stumpy leg with excellently frangranced Rosemary and Lavender body spray from the Seelie Trading Co. and then smothered it with glitter, rendering it impossible for Wotan to retreive his greusome gift without incurring some incidental fairy dust! After this exchange, the prank wars are officially ON, and Wotan had just better look out!

Once the Realm wound down and the gateway in Mt. Pisgah closed for another year, it was on to Sturgis where I finally got my new tattoo. She is an ugly little fairy called "The Weed" and I got her on the small of my back courtesty of Richard Otten at The Tattoo Cellar out in Sturgis. He did a fantastic job of modifying the original so that in my tattoo she's holding a dandelion weed. Right when I saw first saw her I knew that she had to go there. She reminds me that no matter how many times I may fill like an ugly little weed, I can bloom into a million brilliant wishes and fly. Never forget to love the weeds too :)


  1. Wotan got you back and I bet you have not even seen it yet, did you look in your guest book?


    Wotan does not fear puny fairy

  2. THAT what all that scribbling and bibbling was?...hahaha!

    Amethina *loves* barbarian cave art!