Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diplomatic Tea Party at the Zoo

Three years ago, we got tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo as a christmas present from some friends. Yesterday, we finally put them to use and decided to take an envoy of Yibbits and Buttfreckles to the zoo for a Tea & Confetti Picnic. Being the first of the diplomatic meetings between Yibbitonia and Buttfrecklesylvakia, I believe the event went smashingly well.

The African wilds inspired my Safari Glammerie and proved to be quite the scene of adventure for Dusty Yibbit. We took some excellent pictures of a zebra, a baby giraffe and all kinds of monkeys and I believe I've captured their likeness in this particular book.

In a different section of the zoo, Lady Lychee Buttfreckle had her picture taken with one of the white snow leopards - I think they bonded because of shared color fuzzes. Eventually everyone got settled down to their picnic in the Butterflies and Blooms garden and enjoyed an afternoon of tasty Strawberry & Pepper tea from Queen Mary's and savoured some Confetti Confectionaries for dessert. Yibbits and Buttfreckles both love Confetti, it is full of simply delectable flavours and color.

You see, there is some concern about where the borders of Buttfrecklesylvakia lie, since the Yibbits have never had any closely known neighbors. Overall, it was agreed though that Buttfrecklesylvakia would inhabit the Outerlands. Since they are of a sturdier build and more suited to rough-and-tumble living, they've agreed to guard the edges of the world in exchange for everyone's favorite staples: Dryer Lint and Confetti.

After everyone was fat and full, we gathered everything up, saw a few more exhibits and then made our way home. Bilberry Buttfreckle was honored to have a cockatiel perch on his head in the bird arena and everyone was glad to make it out without any unsavory accidents. After all, being underneath that many birds for overlong is pressing one's luck, especially as they get fed ALL day long!

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  1. Well, hopefully they can also come to an accord on the sticky issue of Unseeliestan...