Friday, August 28, 2009

Faeries and Berries Recap

One sunny but otherwise boring day, Amethina sat near a sparkling azure brook as it babbled on at her. She was pondering what sort of an adventure she might go on. It was too nice outside to just laze around but there wasn't anything interesting happening...or so she thought.

Just then, her friend Annbug galloped along at top speed on her favorite white pony. "Hey Amethina! What's up?"

"Nothing. Saddly." Amethina eyed Annbug dubiously. "Nice pony."

Annbug only grinned sweetly. "So...the Realm is opening today at Faeries and Berries. Wanna gallivant?"
Considering her otherwise droll options, Amethina readily agreed an donned one of her favorite shimmering blue cloaks. "We can't leave without Gareth though."

Gareth was the Lord of the land next to where Amethina lived. He was sometimes a wee bit stoic and stiff (even for a fairy) and she took all kinds of joy invoking a little chaos in his world now and then. Keeps it interesting.

Soon enough the trio was off! They had never been to this part of the Realm before. Traveling over verdant hill and winding trail they found their way to a place called V2 Farm in a land called Enumclaw.
It was here that they found the portal to Faeries and Berries and as you can imagine, leapt right on in!

What a site to see! There was plenty of space for them to leave their trusty stead and all kinds of interesting things to look at. Teepees off in one direction by a duck pond, an arena for jousting and competitions, an old western town with a smithy. Amethina, Annbug and Gareth were all caught playing 3-little-indians...

They went winding around a ma(i)ze of corn stalks (which had no end of scary hallowe'en implications for anyone who ever might have read Stephen King!) There was an awesome blue dragon and a fierce feline Knight.
Then of course there was everyone's favourite: The Faerie Market. Not only was there a selection of candles, wings, henna, soaps, magical supplies and fancy clothing and trims, there was also the rumourmill.

As it turns out, the word on the wind was that this whimsical gathering was only a prelude to an even larger event coming up in October. The Faeries were all a-flutter about the approaching Penumbra and the opportunity to watch the sporting jousts of the Seattle Knights. Rumour also had it that the Puget Sound Pirates might be there, ship , cannons and all!
The trio got together to discuss this new event. Gareth, as always, was broody and unconvinced that it was a good idea. Too much play when there was dross to measured.
"And what about the Mahlorian Autumn Masquerade?" he objected. "My tailor, Spool, is on vacation and I need a mask!"

Bah! The girls weren't buying it. "What better place to outfit yourself than at the Penumbra Market, just before the ball??" Amethina pointed out, and they resolved to return (even if they had to drag Gareth behind them, silly men!).

After all, who could possibly resist two days of Knights, Pirates, Faeries and Goblins, Robin Hood and the Merry Men, chaos and adventure galore with some good safe fun for everyone (even the tiniest of little faeries)?!


  1. That is, I agree, a nice pony.

    Lovely recap. Wish I'd been there... but on to Penumbra!

  2. Indeed! And the pony *was* pretty awesome...