Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fremont Market Fiasco!

On Sunday, the day was looking sunny and promising. The Fairy Amethina decided that she would appear with her magical arbor at the Fremont Market in Seattle. So she perched on her Giant Toadstool that she got from her fairy friend Angelita at Crescent Moon Gifts, and shimmered in from the Realm.

Sure enough, the market was full of spectacular treasures! Right away at the
Memoria merchant booth across from her, she found a glamorous pink coat of glamour.
She tried it on, shimmering bodaciously in the sunlight. That's when the trouble all began...

...because as everyone knows, goblins, boggarts and other naughty faeries scoff at the shinies and take no end of amusement at making mischief for the bright ones when they think they can get away with it.

No sooner had she taken the iridescent cloak off than those pranksters chucked berries at her, safely hidden on their perch high in the tree behind her booth. One even splattered right on her arm which made Amethina quite perturbed!

Having experience with malcontents and grouchy barbarians like Wotan though, Amethina knew that faeries should always be packing glitter - which she was.

Withdrawing her
Pink Ivory Wand she marched straight over to that tree, sprinkled around the trunk with fairy dust and then cast a magic shield around it to make sure all the berries would bounce on the inside from now on! (Not to mention that the miscreants would be unable to climb down without getting sparkled ;)

Then after all that spell-casting work, she strolled down the way to the Amanda Fiebing booth and bought herself a blue, hand-needled Octoclops hat because she 'felt' like a treat (haha!).

The next perpetrators who decide to get carried away better beware and take a warning from the first guy because now the Fairy Amethina has an eye-out!
Tee hee :)


  1. Amethina is always glitter-armed and sparkle-dangerous!

  2. Hey! If you had to contend with brutish barbarians you would be too! ;)