Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time is a river...

...and I'm busy riding the currents, not counting the waves go by from shore.

I'll tell you a secret..

...about me...about one of the things I do on purpose that makes me seem thoughtless, dismissive and forgetful. Really though, I am lifting a dreary veil. I am opening the blinds to let in smiling light.

This thing that I do is that I don't tell the time if can help doing so. I went out with friends last night and on my wrist I had a watch but when they asked me the ime, I didn't really know. I bought that watch months ago, on my way home from Italy because it was pretty and accentuated my wrist nicely. I never adjusted it to my own time zone. On purpose. When you're out on the town, how can you enjoy the experience if you're too busy counting down the time until it is done??

I rarely remember birthdays. This is in part because I am forgetful but exasperated by the fact that I don't really try either. I know my own birthday, but I am always just a little unsure of how old I am and when I need to know for one purpose or another, I ask Brian how old he is, since we were born only 2 weeks apart.

In a way, it is because I don't care. I am less interested in counting years on a person, and more interested in WHO they are and HOW they live. I despise it when folks are stuck in the age-box invented by society that dictates how one should feel or be at any given stage of life. It drives me batty to think of someone as having certain qualities based on their age so in order to prevent myself from forming a pre-supposed disposition, I don't like to know how old people are. .I like to try to take the quality of their mind on its own merits, not on the years they've been breathing.

It saddens me when I see people limit themselves because of years. When I hear people older than me tell me I'm young so I don't know, or when I get to be their age I'll understand, or how getting old sucks. I do NOT believe that getting older must be filled with woe and melancholy and regret and I feel bad when people genuinely feel that way because I don't view them others like that.

I am interested in people and their stories and their lives. To me, their experiences bespeak their inner spirit and learning and that is amazing, regardless of age.

It is like that question: how old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?

If I seem aloof and forgetful, or dismissive of the time of afternoon as it rolls on by, it is because I am enjoying the ethereal quality of life that exists outside the time-box. I am enjoying the eternity and spanning of timelessness - it transforms the whole world into a realm of magic :)

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