Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello after Merry Greenwood! Last weekend was an awesome event out in sunny Richland, Wa. where the Gilded Quill shimmered into the mortal realm as guests at the court of Queen Elizabeth I!

Having never visited this particular event before, I didn't know what to expect but this was a fantastic Renaissance Faire set along a gorgeous river in a shady and verdant park. Everything was impressively organized and I was ecstatic to see the trust security team that I've grow familiar with and come to adore! I think I'm growing addicted to having their presence at events :)

As with any epic event, there is always something of a yarn to be spun. I should say that my foray into Greenwood started earlier this year at Radcon when I requested to be able to bring my faerie grotto, as true to a Fae-Elizabethan standard as I could manage. Marjorie kindly allowed me to do so and I went to extra effort to deck the booth to nines! Little did I know...

Many seasons ago - as the story began to unfold - the Fae were once included more abundantly at Greenwood. What with Master Shakespeare and his affection for a spritely escapade here and there, it wasn't so unheard of. As fae are wont to do, they grew perhaps a tad rowdier than was appropriate for this venue and were banished from the Queen's realm, their presence suffered only by her grace alone.

And so time passed and it happened that I should be attend this event. After some dancing, music, and merriment, it is my hope that next year this small faerie entrourage may increase, establishing goodly relations once more :)

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