Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Consider me officially excited! I got my new proto-type paper screen yesterday which reall is the bees knees even if my cat Das isn't as thrilled as I am about it. I just finished my last batch of raspberry paper so now I believe I am going to start on some blue. I'm liking the garden series so far with the Bamboo, Raspberry Vine and Lavender stationary sets so far. Once I've given my new screen a go, we'll see what other enhancements or alterations should be made to it. The awesome thing about this screen is that it can be used to make regular writing paper or card-stock.

Although I've been pleased with the paper I've produced so far, I think that this better quality screen will make higher calibre paper even still, also a bit larger on this. Sooooo....we'll see how tomorrow shapes up, I'm gearing toward producing my elemental stationary sets and I think I'll be starting with water!

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