Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pleasant Surprises :)

I am always pleasantly surprised to see the various places that my website pops up or gets linked to. This morning, I was milling through my website stats, looking at site traffic references and I discovered that my site Gallery of sold books had been used as a reference for various book cover styles in a media arts class at Santa Barbara City College. Vicki, the teacher of the class in question said that my books were being used as: "feedback to a student to fuel ideas for a portfolio cover". I was immensely complimented!

Later on this evening, in the process of doing the same task, I found this reference to our magic wands. The website is for a Harry Potter online game and lists my site as one of the top places to go for magic wands and wood lore. Considering the number of hours and research that I have put into my Great Book of Wood, which details all the woods I carry and their magical properties, mundane history and general trivia, I am really flattered to be considered up there in the top five!

Considering that I started my morning as Captain Grumpypants of the Starship Grouchyprise, this was a nice way to end my evening :)

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