Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day and Discounts!

Hello everyone! So I have some cool and exciting news today :) As you can see I've added a Father's Day card made (which is this coming Sunday the 21st of June) to my shop and soon will have some of my new paper batches up too boot!
As several folks may know, I've been working rather diligently with a growing number of Faerieworlds vendors to organize a Dross Box faerie treasure hunt around the various participating booths this year. One of the objects of the game is to get your Realmpass book stamped with a stamp from each participating vendor so that you can be entered into a drawing to win 10 Fairybucks that will be redeemable at the participating vendor booths.

To this effect, I had a custom stamp made for my booth which you can see here to the left. Stacey from Asspocket Productions is the awesome gal who worked with me to create this stamp especially for the event and tonight she informed me that should any other folks out there also need their custom stamp, she would honor a 15% discount on her already reasonable prices if you just put the magic words "Ammie sent me" (or something similar to that :) in with your order!

If you're one of the Dross Box participating vendors, this is a great chance to support the handmade community! Please take a look at her store, she has great customer service and easy to work with to create a unique design and answered all my questions as well as made suggestions! I'm getting totally excited for Faerieworlds and looking forward to seeing everyone in the Realm :)

In the meantime, have a great Father's Day!

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