Monday, April 13, 2009

Whirlwind of Festivals!

Wow! Both the Spring Fairy Festival and Norwescon are now over and it has been an amazingly crazy two weeks. It looks like I'll be vending next at the Beltane Faire at Our Lady of the Earth and Sky on April 25th and then I'll be on a business trip out of the country for the next week and a half!

The year is turning out to be wilder than even I expected but I am feeling pretty great about it all. I've been devoting my bookbinding time toward my goal of carrying primarily fully handbound books and then some book-rescue books (saved from the used store before they expired from the shelf forever!).

My most recent large book, the Raspberry Sorbet An Leabhar (Gaelic for "The Book") is particularly pleasing to me as a new Elvish Spellbook. There is something particularly right about making the Glammeries and An Leabhars, their feels is becoming ever manifest, so I've got more in store. I know that people always think of faeries and elves in this 'Tolkein-esque' or 'Froudish' way. Perhaps I have something a more modern bent to my vision, because I can never quite tear myself from away from all the places I see the magic, though they be quite contemporary. The bright things change with the dreams of the world.

This week will pretty much be dominated by getting all the certificates out to my Norwescon customers, writing this month's newsletter, doing taxes and then making more product for the next show :)

Bright tidings!

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