Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vote for a Bag!

Well, with tomorrow being Earth Day, I thought I would just put out my little plug to help my friend Wendy AND be environmentally aware all at once!

Wendy has entered a shopping bag design contest for QFC (Quality Food Centers) for the picture they will put on their new re-usable shopping bags. She needs to be in the top 10 people with the most votes to have a chance to win $1000 gift certificate from Kroger (which includes a ton of stores like Fred Meyer and such).

Unlike many of the other bag designs, Wendy's bag features a photograph that she took herself from the Tulip Festival last year so it is all that much more unique! (I personally like to see 'real person' art in such things, rather than cookie cutter designs, but that's just me :)

You can easily VOTE FOR WENDY'S BAG by clicking the link and there are no forms or sign ups to go through. It's totally no hassle, I promise, and you can vote once a day thru May 15!

We're totally trying to beat the person in the lead so please support our awesome!

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