Sunday, March 20, 2016

Meet Serena the Mermaid

Serena the Mermaid has been a familiar with the Fantasy Arts & Entertainment crew for a few years.  We first established our friendship at Renaissance faires.  It worked out so well, FAE invited her to have an official role with our court!

Serena swam across the Pacific Ocean and up the Columbia River all the way to Tri-cities, WA.  Lucky for the residents there, Serena has decided to make this her home for the time being!

Now that she's settled in, she's ready to bring marvelous mermaid parties and celebrations to the local children and events.  She has a collection of sea shells, pearls, and dinglehoppers that's she's been waiting to share with some small humans.

She even has a fun video introduction if you'd like to meet her. Whether you invite her to your lagoon or pool, you'll love Serena!

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