Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fairyblossom Update #6.022 x 10^23

I have no idea what number of update we're on for the Fairyblossom Festival so, Avagadro's Number it is!  Thanks be to Hollyberry the Elf for collecting the bulk of pallets that we all gathered to work on this weekend.

We let the men tear them apart (admittedly with much fretting on my part to keep the planks in good tact - sometimes they don't know their own strength!).

As they deconstructed the pallets, we rebuilt them into a fine set of 10 busker stages.  We probably need to do another ten, minimum, before we'll have all the staging we need, but we are off to a great start.

SilverTide cut all our swords for the Sword in the Stone game, assembled them, and then I got down to painting them.  He also had the ingenious idea to use some of the left over pallets to make our picket fence with, as well as cutting down our splintered boards into hand sign-posts and signs for me to paint!  It's like that guy knows what he's doing. :)

Ion the Leprechaun and I got back to the fort to find that the felines were STARVING (at least, from their fuzz-butt points of view they were).  I was happy to find that we had an all new vendor signed up for fest: Rogue Friar.

All in all, pretty great weekend of work!

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