Monday, January 12, 2015

Fairyblossom Update!

In Fairyblossom Festival news this week, I am most pleased to share a few highlights.  We've included the festival in the Coupon-Fairy Booklet 2015.  What this means is that with the purchase of the booklet, you get 1 Free Pass to the festival AND coupons and savings at over 100 vendors, events, indy-authors, musicians and more!

If you purchase before February 6, you ALSO will get a FREE PASS to Riona's Cave of Treasures coming up in Portland, OR.  RCoT is an artisan craft faire located at the Doubletree Hotel Lloyd Center in the wonderful and weird City of Roses.  If you're local, we definitely hope to see you there!

On the DIY adventurous side of things, Ion the Leprechaun and I got industrious over the weekend!  We had collected some free pallets with the intention of deconstructing them as pallets, and reconstructing them as stages for the Festival.

This is my YouTube short documenting our experiment.  It turn out SUPER great so...this weekend we'll be making more!  The part that just pleases me all to pie is that A) pallets are free, so we are saving BIG bucks to build our stages and B) the leftover pallet frames that we tear planks off of are still in working order so they get to now become our walling and backdrops.

I LOVE it when a plan comes together!

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