Thursday, November 6, 2014

Herb Leonhard: Artist Guest of Honor

Mid-week update, as promised.  First, I am beyond ecstatic to officially be able to welcome our Artist Featured Guest to the Fairyblossom Festival, Herb Leonhard.

Herb has a long history of painting, murals, book illustrations and graphic design and his work is an ornament to our event!

Prints, magnets, books, art boxes and more can be found both on Herb's Website as well as in his Etsy Store.  You can even find a coupon for his etsy store in our Coupon Fairy Booklet, should you plan to shop small business this season - we are convenient for you like that!

Though it be only Wednesday (aka 'Infamous Camel Day'), the week has been incredibly busy.  Updates on the Fairyblossom front are a mixed bag.  Special events permit and insurance are taken care of - that's a major plus.  My desire for official city sponsorship are going to be on a longer timeline than I had hoped for (meh), but not off the board (so, yeah!).  We may be able to even get district involvement, which would be amazing.

Vendors are signing up (yay!), games and entertainment are shaping up really nicely (yay!), we are going to be in the Centralia Santa Parade (yay!), we're set to start buying and building things like stages (yay!), I'm ready to start trying to get some sponsorship partners (yay!).  Overall, things are really rolling along splendidly and that is very exciting. :)

I've also got my Bloomday Party at Oddmall coming up on the 22-23.  It's been party-favor and unicorn hat central here for some time as I'm getting ready.  It's free for everyone and anyone to attend and if you RSVP by November 16th, you can get a VIP party favor at the party! There's going to be a balloon castle and even her highness Elsa will be in attendance!

And last but far from least: Dreamhaven!  We should be meeting with the architect hopefully here next week to really define the scope of the project and get started on the draft work.  It is hard to describe the strange excitement that the magnitude of this fills me with but it is happening and that is amazing.  I look forward to the day that I can open the gates for a grand-opening, gala party and know that this piece of work is an asset to the community. :)

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