Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jonna's Candles Giveaway and the Quest for the Crowns

Mission Main St GrantSorry for my late post this week!  We have 2 more days to get in as many votes as possible for the Dreamhaven Grant.  You can vote here - it's just 2 clicks and no email sign-ups necessary!

Next up on the docket - and I am very excited for this - is the Radcon Quest for the Crowns!  Our story begins here:

"Once upon a time, there was a land called Radcon. Each year in the Realm of Radcon, the kingdom held a grand masquerade to choose their new King and Queen. On this particular year however, the realm was in a panic for the Guardian of the Diadems had reported that the crowns were missing! Without the crowns, the new Queen and King could not be recognized. 

Everyone in the kingdom began to search high and low. The citizens of the Kingdom of Radcon searched for the Crowns, far and wide, that is, until the Fairy Messenger arrived. Through the marsh and across the swamp he rode with the snail mail. Too soon he discovered that the ransom note he brought for the Guardian of the Diadems was sopping wet and tattered..."

Why am I excited, you ask?  Well, this awesome story is the introduction into a live quest for 10 lucky kids at Radcon 2015, culminating at the Masquerade Ball.  There will be Leprechauns and Faeries, puzzles and challenges but most of all, there will be 10 Key Bearers who rescue the Crowns of Radcon!

Stay tuned on the Radcon Facebook page this week for as we call for the first of the Key Bearers!

And last but not least for this week's update: Jonna's Candle's Giveaway!  Take a few moments and enter to win this amazing candle set - it's totally free!

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