Monday, September 29, 2014

Dragondance Giveaway & Dreamhaven

The voting for Project Dreamhaven is going pretty well.  We need 250 votes to move to the next stage.  In this phase, the grant committee reviews the applicants in depth to decide who they want to award the $150,000 grant to.  20 winners are selected each year - so far, it doesn't look like anyone from the PNW has ever won. *fingers crossed*

Read more about Dreamhaven here.

The coupon booklet is also plugging right along.  There are at least 3 upcoming events that one can get coupons to (inside the booklet).  Naturally, any vendors that want to sign up for the 2015 year are invited to do so!

This week's giveaway is also exciting!  We have a new sponsor: Dragondance Studios.  They are flow arts teachers and demonstrators and you could win any one of their currently available props this week! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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