Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Canterbury Renfaire 2014

FINALLY!  Back from 10 days at Canterbury Renfaire in Silverton, Oregon.  The FAE Hollow team had our best show ever. We got to see friends, take over the Queen's Court, fend off unruly kitchen servants and generally have an all around amazing show. (My DIY fire-starters even worked beautifully in the rain)!

Ion the Leprechaun and I got to do our very first stage act which featured human magic (aka: SCIENCE!!!).  We even managed to get Changeling Boy to record it with the pixelbox so we can review it for improvement, and possibly the YouTube channel.

Upon returning home, I've been fluttering around playing catch up.  The Coupon-Fairy Fundraiser is gaining more vendors and artists every day, and we've begun to put the booklet together for .pdf selling.

I took the opportunity to avail myself of services offered whilst down in Portlandia (or thereabouts), and collaborated with a friend to begin the rough outline of a map for the Castle Project.  Ideally, this will help our architect get a very good idea of what we're looking to do.  Here's the draft map....

I intend to shuffle some stuff around still but it's at least a look.

In other exciting news, I confirmed today that I can start selling some of my product at Spooked in Seattle as soon as next week - this will be a great way to generate some revenue for the Castle Project!

All that said...I bring to you this week's giveaway, courtesy of Alexandra Haley Art - get your entries in!

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