Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shrewsbury & Epona Combine Forces!

I am super excited this year for Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire! One of the many new things happening this year is their Sponsor-a-Knight program.  Normally at Shrews, the crowd for the joust is seated on a hillside but this year...HUZZAH!

For those (and that could be anyone, like you) who have opted to sponsor a knight, there will be premium VIP ringside seating.  Carpets, chairs, refreshments, banners and all!

So...I decided that for my Faerie Court this year, we'd sponsor Sir Jude.  He's a Knight of the Epona Equestrian Team out of Spokane, WA.  Rumors of competitions between the knights are already flying and it's going to be great.

Furthermore, I will have a magical faerie quest for the children to go on with Faire-y Coyne, Dwarven Mining Stones, the Rat Catchers game will be there also!

As if all that wasn't exciting enough, my friend Ion the Leprechaun will be joining myself and Lady Leaflock for the first time in our new stage act!  He thinks it is a secret, but we are on to his fascination with the human magic he calls "science".

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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