Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Fairy Festival 2014

Spring Fairy Festival this weekend was a blast! My book (illustrated by the talented Herb Leonhard Art)made it's first debut and was well received.  I even got to read it to a group of enrapt younglings!  This weekend I'll be headed out toward the Greenwood Grove so that we can get all of our books signed and in the mail soon to be delivered to the sponsors of our Kickstarter.

My friend, the Seattle Garden Gnome also joined me for the first time and I am very excited to say that you'll be seeing quite a bit more of him this year as we travel the kingdom.  Clover the Balloon Fairy was also there, squeaking out the balloon magic.

I feel both excited and blessed that events are progressing famously.  Though our fairy community may yet be small, we are but fiercely magical. :)

Princess Lolly  & Herb Leonhard with their book.

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