Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weavers and the Withering [Collaborative Story]

"...ensure her safe return here, underthe cover of each New Moon..."

[Previously] Ry’llia’s narrow brow pulled together pensively.  What she understood was that mortal ways were causing decay and decimation to seep across the world.  Ever since the Great Lockdown, the steel skylines had long ago been quarantined from the natural world, but their contaminates had not been so contained.  All the while, the population seemed to amble through their days in a stupor, unwitting.  Why?
A smaller, pale Fae stood. She had been watching, listening waiting for her moment to speak. Brushing her long golden mane over her shoulder she stepped forward. Her iridescent violet wings fluttering with her heartbeat. "I will also go. I represent the spell weavers, we feel a responsibility to help repair the magic tapestry of our worlds.
Ry'llia's angular features tightened sharper still as her eyes shifted to the petite blonde. The toxins and lethargy of the human world took a particularly dangerous toll on the Weavers, who's lives were enmeshed the tapestry. Even still, they needed to understand this horrible withering of human spirit, and thus, belief. Who better than their magical experts?
    Their Voice spoke, "On one condition: that Xan - on oath of his life - ensure your safe return here under, the cover of each New Moon." Golden-chestnut eyes flashed at the humans across the stone-circle, settling on their rugged leader. "Do you accept this charge?"
     Xan nodded and spoke softly. His vow was one that he meant. "I swear upon my life, I will get them here, each New Moon, safe and sound." A few of his companions murmured about the gravity of that oath, but Xan made it with a pure heart. 
     And the pixies poked the humans, smiling.  They would help ensure that everyone was safe. 
     Xan pondering something and spoke. "Our people tend to frighten easily. They tend to try to destroy what they don't understand. I have heard that Fae use Glamours to look like us. I fear it may be wise to do so when we enter our world."  Xan looked hopeful, but, at the same time, disappointed with his words. Almost as if he were happy to keep them safe, but sad to see them have to hide even more.
     Willow stepped forward again. “We can and we will, however our enchantments do not always work on the pure of heart. Often time children and babes in arms will see us for who and what we really are.
     “That will help us. We want them to believe. The hard part will be getting the ones who have forgotten or never really truly believed to remember or want to believe, to help start the process.”
     A snap of wind caused the fog to eddy and several humans pulled their frayed scarves tighter, breathing hot air into cupped hands protruding from fingerless gloves. By human law, it was illegal for this band to even be in the woods – certainly punishable by imprisonment; for the Fae, anyone caught here would be put to death on treason – but the humans didn't need to know that.
     Ry’llia observed as a 20-something girl used a twig to scrape dirt from her unkempt nails. She was so thin.  What had the human world become that they were trapped like animals in their iron cages?  How many of them counted this gather as the first time they had ever seen a living tree?

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